Pre and Postnatal Exercise

Congratulations if you have recently become pregnant or have recently become a mum!

Pregnancy is a life changing event and often can be a long-term body changing event. When you are pregnant, you CAN train but it is more about steady, gentle training. You do not need to increase your fitness, just to maintain a steady and healthy fitness level.

Once you've had your baby, like most women you will want to get back into shape as quickly as possbile and be a fit and healthy mum.  Vicki is flexible to fit your training programme around you and your baby and will work with you by planning a safe and progressional programme for you.

Vicki works with pregnant ladies and all post natal mums.  She is able to work with those who have had pelvic girdle pain (SPD), a diastasis (split abs) or pelvic floor problems.