Postnatal, exercising after your baby is born

Many of you will want to get back to your pre birth weight back as soon as possible. You may look at the likes of Victoria Beckham or top celebs and think 'how can they get their figures back that quickly?'! Remember, everyone's body is different and the celebs do have a personal trainer and a nutritionist 4x a week! It is all about being safe and realistic and thinking about your baby.

You need to take into account feeding, babies sleep pattern and how much exercise you should be doing and what kind of exercise.  Most importantly, you need to have your 6 week check before you can start to exercise and should wait until you are 10 weeks post C section.  You shouldn't be doing any crunches & should avoid any high impact exercise for at least 16 - 18 weeks PN, especially if you have a divarification or week pelvic floor muscles.  Running should be avoided until you are at least 13 / 14 weeks PN & have no niggles or problems.

No matter what you do, you will need to ensure you get professional advice and always check with your doctor before you start exercising.