Exercise Classes

Post Natal Core &Restore are a 6 week course for new mums and anyone with pelvic floor issues or Distastes (babies come with you of course!) You start gently, so for those used to being very active, you may find it slow to start, but it is essential that you start by working your inner core tummy muscles. DO NOT start doing crunches, this will do the opposite of pulling your tummy in!  You will work on hip stability and overall core strength.  You will also need to stretch out the tighter muscles due to the change in your body during pregnancy.  After this course we have a number of Mums Bums & Tums courses, which all follow on from each other.  

Antenatal - Vicki regularly trains pregnant women and they feel the benefits of maintaining better posture and fitness throughout the term of their pregnancy. If there is a small group of you we can set up a class for a time that suits all of you. Otherwise, pregnancy exercising is on a 1:1 Personal Training basis.