Buggyfit is for all mums over 6 weeks post natal or 10 weeks if you had C section. It is a sociable and safe way to get back to exercise after having your baby. We do a mixture of cardio (start with power walking) and essential strengthening exercises. You exercise at a level to suit you and are there to enjoy it, doing something for you! Vicki will give you different progressional exercises depending on what stage of post natal fitness you are at. Most importantly, she doesn't want you to feel any pressure that you have to keep up with others - some mums have been at the classes for a long time and are quite fit, so never feel you should try and keep up! Also, please note that it is advisable not to start running until you are at least 13 or 14 weeks PN and if you  have any pelvic floor issues, you shouldn't be running at all. Similarly, its advisable for the baby's sake not to run with a buggy until the baby is at least 8 months old.

Please see the sessions and classes pages for current classes. Please book onto a session, click 'BOOK' tab on the homepage

Please email  pt@vickihill.co.uk   Or Call  07747 614 836

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