Benefits of GP Referral

Exercise GP Referral Programmes

It is so important to work at the right level with people who have been ill or have been advised by their GP to start exercising. Being trained in GP referral Vicki will take time to look at your condition and write out a programme which both suits you as a person and whatever your illness is.

Illness is not always a jail sentence by staying at home and not exercising. Almost on a daily basis we are reading in the press about GP's encouraging patients to start exercising; whether you have diabetes, depression, a heart condition or have problems with your joints. Exercise is the best way to release the stress of that illness and feel your old self again.

Vicki will work with you on a personal level and set a programme suited to you and your illness. We shall look at what exercise you have enjoyed in the past and set a programme. Of course you may not be able to exercise to the same level, but at least Vicki can set a specific programme to suit your needs and will be there to guide and supervise you throughout.