Benefits of GP Referral & Exercising with Cancer

Exercise is a preventative. It can prevent those who are overweight from developing type 2 diabetes, now the third biggest disease in the UK after heart disease and cancer. Think about yourself and your family and take action to get help to get healthier.

Depression is now a commonly recognised disease in the UK, with between 7 - 12% of men and 20 - 25% of women suffering from depression. It can be very lonely and debilitating and is a vicious circle. You may want to exercise or see friends but you can not face it. Not surprisingly exercise outdoors is known to have a positive effect on people. It increases your endorphins - the 'feel-good' feeling; and if carried out on a regular basis, will help sufferers.  Vicki is qualified in working with people with or who have had cancer. There is more and more research to show that exercise, even gentle exercise can help you during or after treatment.  It will also help prevent you from getting other illnesses due to your immobility during treatment, which not surprisingly you have such high fatigue levels it is often difficult to even walk to the door.  Vicki can work with you to encourage you to walk through the door and beyond so you manage your symptoms and avoid getting depressed, too overweight from lack of exercise and medication. If you would just like to chat please do call Vicki and she can give you some advice.

Call Vicki for a chat if you would like to find out more. Vicki is not a physiotherapist and not a doctor. However, she does have the necessary training to be able to set you an exercise programme specific to you and your needs.