Training for competition

Training for marathons, half marathons or 10km races? It's no good running before you can walk – it’s so important to build up your core stability muscles. Time and time again I have come across runners who have started training, but with no strength in their glutes or abdominals, the body breaks down, with a knee or ankle injury and training stops!

So many of my post natal ladies are wanting to get back to running and those who listen to my advice get back to running safely and without injury.  You will still have Relaxin in you for a good year post baby, often more post giving up breast feeding, so please remember your ligaments & joints are more susceptible to injury.  So long as you have no pelvic floor issues, haven't a large gap between the abs (Diastasis Recti) and are at least 14 wks PN then start off with a good 8 minute walk, run 2 - 3 minutes, walk a few minutes and repeat until you have been out for a good 30 - 40 minutes.  Gradually increase the time spent running each week & best of all find a running buddy!

Everyone signs up to run a race for some reason or other, whether it be in memory of someone special or just to have something for which to aim for. It is fantastic to set yourself such a massive target, so take it seriously from the start but only when you are ready to run.