Running Club

Vicki runs a running club for those who are looking to run with others and those who just cant motivate themselves to get out and run. Vicki currently has a group of runners who all started from scratch & are now running a few times a week regularly . When there is the demand Vicki will start a new beginners course so please do email if you are interested. The current group run on a Thursday evening from Horfield Common at 6.45pm and do a 40min session. Sometimes they do running circuits so they can get those glutes and stabilising muscles working, sometimes interval training & hills and sometimes they just do mileage. One condition is that you have to do your homework and get out with some of the others or on your own at least once a week, otherwise you aren't going to  progress. 

"Running club is a fantastic motivation for me each week. It's fun, I've made lots of running buddies and I've got my pre-pregnancy figure back. I also feel fitter and stronger than ever, and above all, it's a great stress reliever after a hectic day!"  Hollie