Running - it's all in the head ...

It's all in the head! Anyone can run – honest! So long as you are at least 14weeks post natal & haven't any pelvic floor issues!  If you haven't had children or have older kids and just want to be able to run for 15 mins non stop or want to run a marathon, you CAN! It is about setting the goals in your head and taking it literally step by step! Having run marathons, 10K’s and 1/2 marathons around the world, Vicki has the experience to know what you will be going through and how to achieve your target distance or time.

Vicki will run with you and build up from running 2 minutes to 30 minutes within 8 weeks. She will combine your running with strengthening your core stability muscles, especially your glutes and stabilising muscles.  You could also join Vicki's Thursday night Running Club too, so you get to meet others who you could run with.

If you are not a runner but would like to power walk, Vicki will work with you to build up your walking, setting goals and targets you want to reach.