Body Tone - Get fit and lose weight

Eating right is crucial to getting a balance of optimum health and the correct weight.

In a time when fad diets are everywhere, it's important to understand the implications of not eating correctly.

Firstly, if you have had a baby and are breast feeding you really should not be on a diet, try and eat a healthy balanced diet and try not to have to many lattes or cakes, just cut down on how many you are having a day/week.

Fad diets and sporadic exercise gimmicks, no matter how appealing, don't work! Vicki's balanced, firm approach to losing weight and getting fit is the answer you have been waiting for ...

 Vicki will look at what you are eating by asking you to do a Food diary and then give you realistic ways to moderate.  She will also work with you writing a programme that will suit you.